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Scubapro, a division of Johnson Outdoors, Inc. and a company that can well and truly claim to boasting the most recognizable name in the world of scuba diving equipment, has launched a high-tech new scuba diving computer that is designed to offer a level of ruggedness and tech-driven features that will likely outstrip what most recreational scuba divers will ever need.

The ‘Luna 2.0 AI,’ which is one of two products that make up the second generation of the ‘Luna’ series of dive computers, takes its name from the fact that it is equipped with wireless air integration which allows divers to monitor their tank pressure right from their wrist-worn instrument.

What this means is that scuba divers will be able to view their safe remaining bottom time and ensure that their consumption of gas is taken into account when calculating decompression statistics, allowing for a diving experience that is safer, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Image Credit: Scubapro

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