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Aqualung Group has sold its US Divers brand to focus on scuba diving gear production, and supplying military and professional divers

Aqualung Group, owners of dive equipment manufacturers Aqualung and Apeks Omer, Aquasphere, Stohlquist, and US Divers has announced that it has sold the US Divers brand to the California-based company Aqua Master Sporting Technology Co LLC.

A statement released announcing the sale says that the sale is ‘part of the Aqualung Group’s strategic business orientation to exit the Swim Snorkel Paddle business in North America,’ which the company initiated in 2023 in order to ‘[focus] on its core markets: diving equipment and provision of equipment to Military and Professional customers.’

Headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, Aqualung Group was founded in 1943 with the development of the ‘Aqua-Lung’ – the predecessor of modern open-circuit scuba – by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan. The company was acquired in 2023 by Barings Investment Group for an undisclosed sum.

The sale will enable the Aqualung Group to reallocate both human and financial resources in order to develop the Group’s other brands, which the corporation says will include ‘increasing investments in digitalisation and research & technology and revitalising the diving industry for younger generations.’

‘We are pleased to be selling our historical US Divers band to a California-based company,’ said Michel Abaza, Chairman and CEO of Aqualung Group. ‘Aqua Master Sporting Technology Co LLC is committed to continuing the legacy and tradition of innovation of US Divers and is well positioned to keep on growing the business.

‘For Aqualung Group this marks another step in shifting our operations to our core businesses and in strengthening further our leadership in the global diving industry’.

Ivan James, Vice President of Aqua Master Sporting Technology Co LLC, said: ‘We are very excited at the prospects of continuing the legacy of U.S. Divers and supporting our customers worldwide’.

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