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Diving equipment and thermal protection expert, Fourth Element, has announced the launch of an enhanced and redesigned version of its Arctic Undersuit range.

The company claims that the minimalist design and new features of the relaunched suit – which it says was designed with comfort, utility and the planet in mind – will provide even better performance than its predecessor, and set a new standard in thermal protection for divers.


Key features of the Arctic Undersuit range:

Thermal protection with sustainable materials

As part of Fourth Element’s commitment to OceanPositive sustainability, the Arctic Undersuit’s two layers of high insulation and low bulk fabric now incorporate 80 per cent recycled polyester in the outer layer and 100 per cent recycled polyester in the inner layer.

Optimised design for drysuits

Crafted with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design of the Arctic Undersuit makes it a versatile piece of equipment, suitable for use underneath neoprene, membrane, and tri-laminate drysuits for a variety of diving conditions.

Micro-climate management

Utilising a combination of fast-wicking, high-insulation fabrics, Fourth Element says the Arctic Undersuit creates a micro-climate around the diver, effectively keeping the body dry and warm. The high-density inner fleece ensures superior insulation, comfort, and moisture-wicking, while the outer layer with a resin coating is intended to enhance durability and maintain a snug fit.

Efficient air management

The Arctic requires less loft to perform, thanks to its effective management of air within the fibres of the suit. Unlike traditional undersuits, the Arctic minimises the movement of air, reducing the rate of cooling without trapping air and preventing its release from the dump valve.

Performance in wet conditions

The Arctic retains a significant degree of thermal performance even when wet. Divers have reported completing dives in relative comfort after fundamental drysuit failures, showcasing the resilience of the Arctic in real-world diving conditions.

Proven in extreme environments

Backed by years of rigorous field testing by renowned entities such as the Norwegian Navy, the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team, the French Marines, and the Danish Navy, the Arctic Undersuit is designed using high-technology fabrics and has been tested from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

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