Kishen Bilagali earns scuba diving certification, says ‘Taking my love for water a level higher’ – Times of India

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Renowned dancer and

Bigg Boss Kannada

season 7 fame

Kishen Bilagali

has expanded his horizons by obtaining his

scuba diving certification

. The accomplished artist shared a captivating glimpse of his

underwater journey

, showcasing snippets of his training and encounters with

marine life

in a video posted on his social media accounts.
The video not only highlighted Kishen’s transformation into a certified scuba diver but also provided viewers with a breathtaking view of the mesmerizing undersea world.

The footage depicted Kishen gracefully navigating through the water, surrounded by vibrant marine life, colorful

coral reefs

, and the ethereal beauty of the

ocean’s depths

Expressing his joy and achievement, Kishen Bilagali accompanied the video with a heartfelt note that read, “Scuba certified !!! Taking my love for water a level higher .. 4 days of being in water continuously with so much to learn, so much to understand, and that feeling of

freedom underwater

is bliss.”
Acknowledging the role of his instructor, Kishen extended his gratitude to @denzil_ferns, stating, “Thank you @denzil_ferns, not just training but learnt so much apart from the course just being around you .. took me back to my early days of dancing .. your passion is truly inspiring .. keep growing and have a lot of love.”

The journey from land to sea reflects Kishen Bilagali’s

adventurous spirit

and his commitment to exploring new realms. Fans and followers have showered the artist with congratulations and admiration for his latest achievement, applauding his dedication to mastering the art of scuba diving.
As Kishen dives into this new chapter of his life, the anticipation builds for the incredible underwater adventures that lie ahead. His scuba certification not only adds another feather to his cap but also inspires enthusiasts to pursue their passions fearlessly, just like this multi-talented individual who continues to captivate audiences with his talents both on and off the stage.

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