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The Kraken Rum has unleashed a new limited edition that tells the tale of a narrow escape from the clutches of the Beast, a feat of survival as elusive as the edition itself.

First-hand accounts with the Beast are almost unheard of. But in the darkest corners of the ocean, forgotten tales of escape are rising to the surface, stories that are so shocking they have quickly become legend. Kraken’s Legendary Survivor Series brings to life these gripping stories, each illustrated by a different artist with a unique, eye-catching style.

The series begins with the perilous tale of the brave lighthouse keeper, illustrated by Justin Estcourt. The bottle captures the Kraken’s devasting attack in spine-chilling detail. Rumour has it that the lighthouse keeper battled with the Beast from his tower as its tentacles attacked his home, but curious Kraken fans will have to study the bottle to discover how he made his escape.

The limited edition Kraken Rum

With a bespoke white-gloss finish, a foiled logo and a fearsome design, this bottle will sit as a terrifying collectable on any shelf. But collectors must move quickly. For fear of rousing the Beast’s anger, only a limited number of bottles have been released and are available on Amazon and other speciality retailers now.

To protect the home of The Beast and its fellow creatures of the ocean, The Kraken will donate £1 per bottle sold to marine conservation charity PADI AWARE Foundation, to aid in their vital work of removing ocean debris.

PADI AWARE has contributed to groundbreaking science on marine debris, removing over 2 million pieces of rubbish from the ocean, and aiding over 16,000 entangled animals. Donations from the sale of The Legendary Survivor Series will continue to help the charity create the largest and quickest growing underwater citizen science movement on the planet.

The white bottle stands out from the norm

Ian Amos, Programme and Operations Manager at PADI AWARE, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with The Kraken Rum for an entire new series. We’ve had The Kraken’s support throughout its Unknown Deep series which has helped us continue our ongoing mission to protect the Beast’s home. The sale of The Kraken’s latest limited edition bottle will contribute to our aim of removing ocean debris, as well as training new ocean torchbearers to help with our mission. We have a collective vision to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean and we’re grateful to The Kraken for its continued support.”

To get your tentacles on the first bottle of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Legendary Survivor Series : The Lighthouse Keeper Limited Edition head to Amazon – available now and priced at £36.50.

The Limited Edition bottle can also be found at The Beast’s online portal, The League of Darkness.

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