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Just like us, celebrities also yearn to take some time off work to have their well-deserved vacation either here in the Philippines or abroad. And among our go-to destinations is the beach, where we can do a number of fun activities with our families and friends, from strolling by the seashore and watching the sunset to swimming and even taking on athletic activities, just like diving.

As they’ve fallen in love with this sport, some of our favorite stars turned it into a hobby, while others even have themselves certified as divers or diving instructors. Read on to find out who are the stars that have actually taken up diving passionately in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!

Donny Pangilinan

Outside showbiz, Donny actually enjoys taking on different hobbies, which include playing a variety of sports. Apart from basketball and golf, the Can’t Buy Me Love leading man also loves scuba diving, as seen in some of his posts on Instagram. He is sometimes joined by his sister Ella Pangilinan.

Luis Manzano

Same with his showbiz career, Luis has also been diving for around two decades already, not to mention that he’s also a PADI-certified diver. When they became in a relationship, the I Can See Your Voice host was able to influence his wife Jessy Mendiola to further explore this hobby and is now a certified advanced open water driver.

Jessy showed her and Luis’ love for diving through a two-part vlog she uploaded in 2019 documenting one of their breathtaking dive sessions in Anilao, Batangas. She imparted how she fell in love with it and the unforgettable memories that she collected since then, as well as the preparations that they undertake before they take a plunge. Besides, she also shared some of the stunning photographs they took underwater.

Angeline Quinto

It was in May 2021 when Angeline tried diving for the first time. She vlogged about the experience – from putting on the proper gear and practicing in a pool under the guidance of a professional trainer to finally going out to the sea. The singer-actress revealed that it was actually Luis Manzano who always encouraged her to try diving, while Jessy assisted and gave her some tips.

Anne Curtis

As we all know, Anne has always been an adventure junkie. And she has remained unstoppable despite already being a mom, thanks to her husband Erwan Heussaff who has been so supportive of her. In fact, he joins her as she takes on various escapades, just like when they had a freediving session in Panglao, Bohol during their family vacation in 2022.

Aside from immersing herself in the beauty of the world below, the It’s Showtime host also got to explore an airplane wreck from World War II based on the photos she shared on IG that were captured by freediving instructor and underwater photographer Martin Zapanta. She captioned her post, “Morning dip. Next time, I’ll make it all the way down to the [plane] in one breath… ‘Di na kinaya ng Dyosabel powers ko.”

Robi Domingo

While we usually see him hosting shows and events, Robi actually enjoys traveling and trying out different activities outside the limelight, like scuba diving. Thus, apart from simply being a hobby, he also used it as a unique way of officially asking his now-wife Maiqui Pineda to be his girlfriend in 2018 during a diving trip in Anilao, Batangas. Since then, the couple has enjoyed exploring different destinations, including more diving trips to “sea the world.”

In a previous media interview, the The Voice Teens host disclosed that he learned diving and fell in love with it while doing a travel show.

Sarah Lahbati

Those who are following her on IG surely know that Sarah loves escaping to the beach and surfing, especially with her beloved family. Thus, it’s no surprise that she can also free dive and loves it so much since it’s one of the things that make her feel most alive.

In one of her diving trips in 2021, Martin Zapanta was able to perfectly capture her toned physique and the captivating world under the sea. She once again went on a freediving session last January during her vacation in Panglao, Bohol, which photos snapped by freediver and underwater videographer Shem Cuaco she shared on IG.

Kim Molina

Another celebrity who enjoys diving is Kim, yet she does it with a fantastical twist. As others wear proper gear, the actress-comedienne is dedicated to mermaid diving, which is a form of freediving while wearing a mermaid tail. And after training for quite some time, she was officially advanced mermaid certified last year.

“This may be a dream to a lot of girls (and boys) all over the world, but as a certified freediver for 6 years who took this class for the sole purpose of broadening my knowledge on the craft, it reminded me that mermaiding also takes practice (with a certified buddy), certain techniques and skills to be able to carry a tail with grace AND be SAFE all at the same time,” she captioned the reel she posted.

Andi Eigenmann

Living in Siargao for years now, Andi has gone acclimatized with the island life and has also become more skilled in surfing. But aside from that, her skills and love for diving also got developed. In fact, for her maternity shoot in 2020, she decided to free dive with her fiancé Philmar Alipayo.

“The love we were promised in fairytales was never something for us to find. It has always been something for us to create,” she wrote in the caption of their totally stunning shot underwater.

Will you consider diving on your next beach trip, Kapamilya?

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