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Leeds Scuba Club – a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) based in the north of England has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help replace its ageing compressor so the club can continue to offer diving services to the local community.

Staffed by volunteers and with members from the age of 14 to 70 enjoying the club’s dive trips, Leeds Scuba Club says it ‘operates with the mission of making scuba diving accessible to people from all walks of life, while also fostering a deeper appreciation for the underwater world and its preservation’.

Unfortunately, like many dive around the world, the COVID pandemic hit the club hard, and it is now faced with a large bill for the servicing and repair of essential equipment, including the club’s compressor.

Current members of the branch are also members of citizen science organisation Seasearch; others are part of the Ghostfishing community, helping to remove abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear from the sea, or are involved with the Nautical Archaeology Society, supporting English Heritage by conducting voluntary surveys of protected wreck sites around the UK. The club also supports divers with disabilities, and regularly offers try-diving sessions to partially sighted customers.

Leeds Scuba Club is trying to raise £8,000 through the Crowdfunder campaign, with just under £1000 raised at the time of writing. A number of rewards are offered for pledges including pots of homemade jam for a £3 donation, pool sessions, RIB rides, gear and courses for those prepared to splash out a little extra.

To make a donation, head to the Crowdfunder campaign page

For more information about Leeds Scuba Club, head to www.leeds-scuba-club.co.uk/ or follow the club on Facebook @Leeds115Bsac

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