Mahulu Wetsuits and Scuba Diving – A Success Story

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Recently a customer asked us if our wetsuits work for scuba diving. We thought this was an excellent question, and are pleased to report that the answer is YES! 

 Our suits are like scuba diving suits – but better. 

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Besides the fact that our wetsuits are bio foam and not petroleum-based, the main difference between a scuba diving wetsuit and a Mahulu above the water wetsuit is closed cell versus open cell. 

 A scuba diving wetsuit is classically an open cell wetsuit: there is no material laminated between the rubber and your body, hence the open cell of the wetsuit binds to the open cell of your skin with very little water in between. 

 A closed cell wetsuit like ours at Mahulu means that we laminate with water-based glues and high performance recycled nylon between the rubber and your body. This has added benefits of extra warmth and comfort.  

 We then use red-thermal infrared lining inside Mahulu wetsuits to give you even more comfort and insulation. Double blind stitched, back knee embossed, seam seal taped: all these details mean that Mahulu wetsuits are perfect for water skiing and scuba diving – whether you’re diving deep, or not so deep.

 On top of that you will be wearing a natural, 100% ecofoam piece of cutting edge technology. 

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If you have any questions at all about our products, just send us a message or email and we’ll be happy to talk about all things wetsuits with you. 

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