Scuba diving was an adrenaline rush: Mimi Chakraborty – IndiaTimes

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Mimi Chakraborty

has been on an adventure overdrive in recent times. In an earlier chat with us, the actress-MP had said that she had ticked off


from her bucket list in November 2023. “Next on my list is scuba diving,” she added. This


, she fulfilled that wish too. “River rafting, skydiving, zip lining,


and gliding, and now scuba diving – I’ve done it all,” she said.

Next on my bucket list is bungee jumping and I plan to do it within the next two-three months


‘I wasn’t sure about diving’

Mimi added that these experiences have been liberating for her. “These adventures have been a kind of celebration of life for me,” she said.


‘The idea of scuba diving made me feel claustrophobic’
Revealing that she did sea floor walking and snorkelling for a while before scuba diving, Mimi said, “I was in two minds whether I should go for it (scuba diving), as the very idea of water pressing down on me from all sides deep under the surface made me feel claustrophobic,” she said, adding that she was a bit anxious to start with. “I was thinking what would happen if my oxygen cylinder stopped working, what if water gets through the eyeglasses, and all sorts of other things. But as I explored the underwater world, I felt like I’m part of the marine life. It was truly an adrenaline rush,” she said with a smile.


These adventures (sky diving, parasailing, scuba diving etc) have been a kind of celebration of life for me

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