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Following positive industry feedback at the recent DEMA Show, held in New Orleans during November 2023, Shearwater Research Inc has ‘officially’ launched the new Tern and Tern TX models of dive computer.

The new computers were announced shortly before DEMA, but the design was kept under wraps in anticipation of diver feedback from the show.

Designed with the sport diver in mind, Shearwater says the new Tern & Tern TX are powerful, simple, reliable, and the most compact dive computers that the company has ever brought to market. Additionally, the Tern TX is configured for transmitter-enabled diving, capable of connecting with up to four of Shearwater’s Swift gas pressure transmitters. It also includes a digital compass for accurate underwater navigation.

‘The simplicity of the display can certainly make it a great option for new divers, but the functionality makes it a great tool for a broad range of experience levels,’ said Shearwater’s Systems Architecture Manager, Tyler Coen. ‘In addition to the no-nonsense air and nitrox modes, it offers 3 Gas Nitrox mode, which can support users on much more advanced dives. The TX model also supports up to 4 wireless tank pressure displays, and has a sidemount mode.’

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The high-resolution display is a 1.3” diameter AMOLED screen which Shearwater says provides crystal-clear visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, and which the company claims is the current ‘best in class’, providing divers with at-a-glance access to vital data through Shearwater’s tried-and-tested user interface.

‘We had heard from our customers that they wanted the bright, high-contrast display, and ease of use of the Teric but to streamline some of the more advanced functions,’ said Technical Product Manager, Tim Inglis.

Designed and built in Canada, The Tern & Tern TX are depth rated to 120m / 394ft, with Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive modes included. The new computers are compatible with Shearwater’s new Remora quick-connect bands, enableing divers to easily switch between long and short or different-coloured straps.

‘We are excited to bring transmitter-enabled computers to more divers, delivering precision gas pressure information on a brilliant display,’ said Jason Leggatt, CEO of Shearwater Research Inc. ‘In combination with the Swift Transmitter, the Tern TX offers a world-class transmitter-enabled system at an attractive price.’

MSRP: $650 USD (Tern) and $775 USD (Tern TX), $1075 USD (Tern TX with Swift transmitter bundle)

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