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Croatian freediver Valentina Cafolla celebrating after breaking the world record
Valentina Cafolla celebrates her record-breaking swim (Photo: SEAC/Facebook)

Croatian freediver Valentina Cafolla has set two new world records on consecutive days in February 2024 at Lake Anterselva in South Tyrol, Italy.

On 23 February, Cafolla set a new CMAS Dynamic With Fin (DYN) Under Ice With Wetsuit record of 140m (459ft), retaking by some margin the breath-holding record she had lost just a few days earlier to Japanese freediver Yasuko Ozeki.

Ozeki had set a distance of 126m under ice on 22 February in Shiretokogo Lake in Hokkaido, Japan, breaking Cafolla’s 2017 record by one metre.

Croatian freediver Valentina Cafolla preparing for her record breaking swim under the ice
Preparing for one of her dives (Photo: SEAC/Facebook)

The 140m record was set wearing a monofin, however, the next day, on 24 February, Cafolla became the first freediver to set a record using double fins, swimming a distance of 80. She was sponsored by Italian gear manufacturer SEAC throughout the record-breaking two days.

‘I’m still on a rollercoaster of emotions, from all the people who cheered for me, believed in me, and were there for me,’ Cafolla wrote on Instagram following her record-breaking swims. ‘I could not thank you enough’

Video: SEAC

Follow Valentina’s adventures on Instagram @c.valentina

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