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Stuck for gift ideas for your most beloved scuba diver? Here’s a handful of suggestions that are so much better than roses!

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DIVE subscription

£22.99 (UK) / £42.99 (International)

The perfect gift for your most beloved dive buddy! A year’s print and digital subscription to our beautiful, glossy print magazine. Four magazines, each delivered quarterly, with all of our content, old and new, since 2012 – more than 100 back-issues included.

100 Dives of a Lifetime


Filled with more than 350 images from National Geographic, 100 Dives of a Lifetime provides the ultimate bucket list for ardent scuba divers and aspirational travellers alike. From diving with manta rays at night in Kona, Hawaii, and swimming with hammerheads of Cocos Island in Costa Rica to exploring caves in Belize’s Lighthouse Atoll and diving beneath the ice floes of Antarctica, this exquisite inspirational book is filled with beautiful imagery, marine life guides, trusted travel tips, and expert diving advice from world-famous National Geographic divers and explorers like Brian Skerry, Jessica Cramp, and David Doubilet

Scuba heart hoodie


A hoodie for loved-up scuba divers who love scuba diving!

T-shirt for single scuba divers!


How to tell divers you’re single without saying you’re single this Valentine’s Day!

My heart belongs to a scuba diver


A simple paper notebook with a very strong message.

Sterling silver marine life pendants

£79.95 (dolphin); £53.95 (hammerheads)

Beautiful sterling silver pendants made for the discerning scuba diver and partner.

Amazon link to dolphins pendant

Comedy scuba diving dry bag


Always be nice to a scuba diver…!

Steampunk scuba diving walrus


Why give your beloved a steampunk scuba diving walrus for Valentine’s Day? Because why not…!

Sterling silver shark ring


Sharks are famous for their tenacious grip and never letting go of their catch. Say it in style if you have something to propose this Valentine’s Day!

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