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Visakhapatnam: A group of


scuba divers performed an underwater Prana Pratishtha (consecration) of a

Lord Ram idol

mounted on a specially designed board at

Rushikonda beach

on Monday.
The event, held at a depth of 22 feet, symbolically echoed the historic consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla that took place in Ayodhya. According to the divers, who participated in the event, theirs was not just a regular ceremony, but a deep dive into the faith and India’s deep-rooted connection with Lord Ram.

Their hearts did not only resonate with the rhythm of tides, but also with the waves of devotion on the historic day, they added.
Livein Adventures Scuba Diving Frontier managing director Balaram Naidu said that five divers from Livein plunged into the depths of Visakhapatnam’s ocean for this unique

underwater consecration

ceremony. “Lord Ram’s serene portrait, crafted onto a foam board, accompanied us on this 22-foot descent. We showered the idol with flower petals and oxygen bubbles,” said Balaram Naidu.

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