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The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is introducing a new technical dive training programme in the form of a Divesoft Liberty closed-circuit rebreather course.

This represents a first step (MOD 1) into the world of rebreather diving, says BSAC, and will allow divers to operate at a maximum depth of 45m using the unit.

The course gets its official launch at the GO Diving Show near Kenilworth, Warwickshire this weekend (2/3 March), and Divesoft will have units on display there.

The manufacturer was founded in the Czech Republic in 2013 and developed its electronically controlled Liberty CCR initially with cave-diving in mind. 

“All vital electronic elements have redundancy so that no single failure can disable the system,” says BSAC of the rebreather. “Even if a critical systems error occurred, the diver can safely return to the surface on the Liberty, maximising safety and efficiency. The design follows the same approach utilised in many safety-critical applications in the aerospace industry.”

The Divesoft Liberty CCR
The Divesoft Liberty CCR

The club also says that the Liberty’s modularity and ease of maintenance allow the diver to maintain the unit in all environments, including the harsh conditions that can be encountered on an expedition, and that its wide range of adjustability and settings suits it to beginners and expert rebreather divers alike.

The course includes decompression diving and trimix gas-planning plus “all the skills and drills” required to dive the Liberty and address all possible situations, says BSAC. It is open to BSAC Sports Divers or above who have completed a 35m depth certification. 

Trainees must also hold the Accelerated Decompression Procedures qualification or be an Advanced Nitrox diver or equivalent. While they can later choose to dive with air as a diluent, they will be trained using 20/35 trimix.

Dry practical sessions on the course will cover assembly, preparation and maintenance, including updating of control firmware and downloading dives using Divesoft PC and phone applications.

The Liberty unit is suited to expeditions, says BSAC
The Liberty unit is well-suited to expeditions, says BSAC

The new skills will be introduced during sheltered-water training dives, including applying the student’s current rescue skills to CCR diving, after which seven open-water dives follow.

The club, which already conducts model-specific CCR courses on the Poseidon Se7en and AP Vision, plans to have at least four BSAC Liberty instructors in place early in the 2024 season.

“With potential students waiting to do the course, we can’t wait to see BSAC-qualified Liberty divers using this impressive rebreather on exciting expeditions very soon,” says BSAC Liberty instructor Nick Jewson. 

GO Diving Show visitors can get a hands-on look at the Divesoft Liberty at stand N4, and chat to the BSAC Liberty course team. “We’ll be ready to show you how the Liberty CCR can transform your diving,” says Jewson. Those who can’t make it to the show can find out more about the course on the BSAC site.

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